3 Best Investment Watches You Can Buy in 2021

To name the 3 best investment watches is a very hard task. Watches follow trends and it's hard to say which ones will increase in value and which ones won't. Yet, we listed our top 3.
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Watches are never wasted investments. Timeless as they are, investment watches keep their worth, and, if you are lucky, some watches’ worth even increases over time.

Then why aren’t watches considered the perfect investment? Well, it’s only in very rare cases that they gain huge margins. Compared to real estate, classic cars, or wine, you’ll have a very small chance that the watch will have the biggest margin.

The big difference between watches and other antiques, is that watches follow trends. Of course, trends do come back after time, but are you really interested in waiting dozens of years for your watch to become fashionable again?

Still, if you do want to invest in watches, there are some best practices. We’ll arrive at the 3 best investment watches you can buy in 2021 in a second, but let us first cover the basics:

  • Go vintage.
  • Focus on cool, unknown brands that still need to take off. Some years ago that would have been Omega.
  • Vintage Cartiers are good value.
  • A cheap entry-level watch brand is Seiko.

It’s also important to know that, whether you wear the watches or leave them in the box, watches will keep their value in general. We say “in general”, because of course, if you wear it and you bump your wrist into the corner of a wall, your damaged watch will lose its worth. But say you treat it like a normal watch and nothing odd happens, your watch will keep its worth. Thus, if you do plan on investing in a watch, you might as well buy one you really like yourself.

So, now you’ve mastered the basics, let’s deep dive into the 3 best investment watches you can buy in 2021.

3 Best Investment Watches of 2021


The first investment brand watch we’d recommend is Rolex – what did you expect? Oh, no that is Schweppes’ line. But yes, Rolex is one of the, if not the, most known watch brands out there.

The Rolex GMT-Master Oystersteel & Everose Gold is one of the 3 best investment watches you can buy in 2021.

All of Rolex’ sports watches have a waiting list. If you manage to get your hands on one of them, you’ll be able to resell it immediately, especially if you get the latest Daytona, or the vintage Rolex Day-Date.

If we do have to suggest only one particular watch to invest in, we’d go with the rose gold ‘root beer’ GMT-Master II. Why? Well next to looking stunning and being a Rolex, it contains gold and gold is one of the few things that will keep its value for ages. Rose gold has beaten out yellow gold as the metal of choice for every watchmaker. White gold is rose gold’s only competitor if it comes to metalworks in watches.

Patek Philippe

Next to Rolex we have Patek Philippe. The brand is often referred to as the most prestigious in the world. Patek Philippe always produces limited numbers of high-end pieces, so the investment will be higher than in a Rolex. In addition, there is a smaller market for Patek Philippes, but the margins are bigger if you manage to get a cool model.

The Patek Philippe Calatrava Pilot Travel Time 5524G-001 White Gold is one of the 3 best investment watches you can buy in 2021.

We’d recommend the Calatrava Pilot Travel Time 5524G with its iconic brown watchband.

A. Lange & Söhne

Rolex and Patek Philippe are at the top of the game, but there is another competitor that is trying to climb up the wall. A. Lange & Söhne don’t have the same number of collectors yet but they are stepping up their game. Don’t go for the classic pieces, but attempt to get the Datograph Up/Down “Lumen”.

The Datograph Up/Down “Lumen” is the fourth model of the “Lumen” series that A. Lange & Söhne launched back in 2010. Its semi-transparent dial and luminous coatings make sure that all features can also be used in the dark. It is already one of the brand’s most coveted pieces.

The A. Lange & Sohne Datograph Up/Down "Lumen" is one of the 3 best investment watches you can buy in 2021.

Those were the 3 best investment watches you can buy in 2021. All 3 of them are expected to increase their value over time, but keep in mind that watches tend to follow the trends.

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