Dirk Engelaar Dirk Engelaar, specialist in Chinese porcelain

Transferantique has a new member! Meet Dirk Engelaar, a passionate antique dealer and art collector from Antwerp. Curious about his story and catalogue? Then read on. His own webshop Dirk Engelaar used to have his own antiques business and was certified as an antiques dealer in Antwerp. Moreover, he has participated in various antique fairs […]

Buying antiques 5 questions to ask yourself when buying antiques  

Antiques come in many shapes and sizes. If you are familiar with antiques, you will definitely know what to think about when purchasing new pieces. Are you new to this world? No problem! We’ll be happy to teach you the tricks of the trade.  Why do I buy antiques? There are several reasons why you […]

Antiek instrument The difference between antique and vintage?

Antique businesses are far from old-fashioned. Many people find special objects in the attic and give it a second life. The influence of changing interior design trends and personal preferences make antique pieces inexhaustible. But what exactly is antique? And is it the same as vintage? We provide answers to all these questions. What does […]

Patek Philippe supercomplication watch Which antiques and collectibles are the most expensive ever sold at auction?

In recent decades, various artists, furniture makers and even scientists have left beautiful pieces behind. Antiques come in many forms and prices. The various objects increase in value and become more sought-after. Not only for museums, but also for personal collections, as an investment or for reselling. Discover some of the most valuable collectibles ever […]

A nice Ferrari showcased. 10 Most Expensive Classic Cars Ever Sold at Auction

In this list, you’ll find the 10 most expensive classic cars ever sold at auction. These toys for boys are true classics.