Buying antiques

5 questions to ask yourself when buying antiques  

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Antiques come in many shapes and sizes. If you are familiar with antiques, you will definitely know what to think about when purchasing new pieces. Are you new to this world? No problem! We’ll be happy to teach you the tricks of the trade. 

Why do I buy antiques?

There are several reasons why you can buy antiques. In general, you can buy antiques for two reasons. Some antique dealers buy it as an investment to resell the objects at a later moment when the value has increased. There are also some antique lovers who buy antique objects for their own use. Decide for yourself why you want to buy antiques. For example, are you looking for that one rattan design chair to complete your interior? Then you probably belong to the second category. 

Buying antiques

How much do antiques cost?

You can divide antiques into different categories. The price of the antique object depends on many factors. Do some research online to get more information and insights. Find similar objects and compare the price. Do you want to be sure you will pay the right price? Ask for advice from an expert such as an estimator or a professional antique dealer. 

How rare is the antique object?

Unique objects are more expensive. If an object is rare, the demand will increase. Suddenly you get a bunch of competitors. There are collectors, but also museums that are interested in the antique object. Ask yourself if you want to make the effort to get it. Antique dealing is a beautiful but intensive process. Are you convinced of that one piece? Go for it, the persistence pays off ! 

Is the antique object real?

Have you found an interesting object, but do you have doubts about its authenticity? Then start looking for trademarks. Find out if the object has certificates of authenticity and ask the seller about it.  You can also look at the detailing of the item. Fake antiques are often less detailed. Sometimes it is difficult to see the difference. In that case, you can ask advice from an expert. 

Buying antique furniture

Is the seller of the antique object reliable?

You can purchase antiques in many ways. Some antique lovers like to look around at a flea market or an antique market. Others may prefer to look for objects on second hand sites. Do you want to be sure that you are buying from a reliable trader? Then you can join specialized platforms. For example, TransferAntique connects you with professional antique traders who offer high-quality products. Through that platform, you can easily communicate and get to know the seller better before you decide to buy. Are you specifically looking for art? There is also a reliable platform for art lovers, called TransferArt


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