Chinese porcelain

Dirk Engelaar, specialist in Chinese porcelain

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Transferantique has a new member! Meet Dirk Engelaar, a passionate antique dealer and art collector from Antwerp. Curious about his story and catalogue? Then read on.

Dirk Engelaar

His own webshop

Dirk Engelaar used to have his own antiques business and was certified as an antiques dealer in Antwerp. Moreover, he has participated in various antique fairs since he was 25 years old. Experience and knowledge are certainly not lacking with him.

Now, 30 years later, he has launched his own webshop ‘Antiek Art PFKG‘ where he offers unique and even rare pieces up for sale. His specialisation and passion include:

– Porcelain
– Faience
– Ceramics
– Glass (art nouveau & art deco)

He also offers various antique pieces such as furniture, sculptures, paintings and silverware.


When Dirk was on holiday in London, he bought his first porcelain sculpture from the famous manufacturer Meissen. A piece modelled by the German sculptor Johann Joachim Kändler, who worked at Meissen for more than 40 years. Dirk was amazed by the beauty of the work, but especially by the contrast porcelain offers between fragility and everlastingness. His passion was born!

Europe eventually expanded to China. Today he has become a specialist in Chinese porcelain and people from different countries visit him to buy his unique pieces.


No better place to expand your antiques network than on Transferantique. Dirk has understood that too, because in the meantime he has already placed some antique pieces on the platform. Below, you can already see some of these objects:

Not found the right pieces on his Transferantique account yet? Be sure to check out his webshop.