TransferArt | Timeless Times | How do I determine the price of my painting?

How do I set the price of my painting?  

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Paintings come in many shapes, sizes and styles. Artistic works are often unique and personal, which makes them very interesting to sell. Are you a (starting) artist and are you finding it difficult to put a good price on your paintings? After reading this blog post, you will know exactly what price to expect. 

Standard formula for paintings

The difference in price between paintings can sometimes be enormous. This makes it even more difficult to determine a fair price. Many dealers therefore use a standard formula: (width + height) x artist level x cost factor = price painting. Below you will find a further explanation of the formula.

Width and height

The formula starts by adding up the height and the width of your painting. You do that in centimetres, as in the example below. This painting made by Kristin Bemelmans is for sale, besides many other works of art, on TransferArt. 

TransferArt | Timeless Times | Hoe bepaal ik de prijs van mijn schilderij?

The artist level

It goes without saying that the paintings of professional artists are more expensive compared to hobby artists. After all, their art guarantees their income. The level of an artist can be linked to a number. This number forms the basis of the formula for determining the price. Below you will find a clear overview. Of course, the categories are indicative. The level depends on various factors, but the overview below is a great help.



The artist is a beginner. 


The artist is an amateur or student at an academy/art school. 


The artist is an advanced amateur or student. 


The artist is a recent graduate of an art school or is an autodidact with professional knowledge and skills.


The professional artist has several years of experience. 


The artist has experience and constancy or a clearly defined style. 


The artist is advanced and is working professionally. He is also known regionally. 


The professional artist is well known in his own country. 


The professional artist is renowned and has a reputation in his own country and neighbouring countries. 


The professional artist is renowned and well known at home and abroad. 


The professional artist is renowned and continental or world-famous.

TransferArt | Timeless Times | Hoe bepaal ik de prijs van mijn schilderij?

The cost factor

Some painters use unique or more expensive materials in their paintings, for example gold leaf. In a painting, the details can also be very elaborate. That requires more hours of work. You can include all these factors in your price calculation. The cost factor lies between 0.5 or 1.5. If you think your work of art is more valuable, take 1.5. Have you worked with cheap paint, for example? Then 0.5 is a good cost factor. Estimate the quality of your work well when you set the price. 

Some points of attention

Technique and style

Do you stand out by using a certain technique or style in your work? Then your art will be worth more. Distinguishing yourself from others makes your work automatically more interesting. 


Do you paint themes that appeal to a broad audience or do you rather reach a niche market? Some themes are simply more popular than others, which means that there is an oversupply of some themes. This also affects the price. 


Paintings of popular painters are more expensive for obvious reasons. When the artist has died, his or her work will also be worth more. The artist will no longer create new works, which means that the art will become rare. The more the scarcity of an item increases, the more the item increases in value, and the greater the urge to own it.

Compare paintings

Do you still find it difficult to determine a correct price? Then you can always compare paintings. Look for comparable works of art and talk to painters who have the same experience level. In this way, it is easier to estimate your own prices. In addition, you can always ask a professional estimator for advice. 

TransferArt | Timeless Times | Hoe bepaal ik de prijs van mijn schilderij?

Selling your painting with TransferArt

If you are considering selling your paintings, you can do that through various channels. There are auctions, events, markets and online platforms. It is important to choose the channel carefully. In many cases, you have to share a piece of the pie with the platform. That is why TransferArt is an interesting tool. Here you can sell your art commission-free. All profits are for you! In addition, the platform is the perfect place to build relationships with like-minded art lovers and professional art dealers. Join our community today with a monthly or yearly subscription

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