Mercedes-Benz 350SL

Mercedes-Benz 350SL from 1971

A classic Mercedes-Benz 350SL from 1971... The perfect collectible!
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An iconic car, incredibly popular among vintage car enthusiasts, and exceptionally unique, the Mercedes-Benz 350SL.

An original EU edition

The R107 with manual gearbox from 1971 is a very popular Mercedes model. The reason why this model is so unique is because it is a European model. Because it was, and still is, such a popular model, many were imported from the USA, simply because the European-delivered cars found their owners and were hardly available on the market anymore.

This EU model was delivered in Germany in 1971 and then imported into Sweden. What makes the car even more unique? It is one of the first 107 models produced! 

The cars were produced from 1971 to 1989 and, apart from the G-series, it is the only Mercedes model that has been in production the longest. No less than 237,000 copies were produced.

Mercedes-Benz 350SL

Iconic and full of character

You can recognize the model by the original bi-tone interior and the chrome air fins on the hood. With a 200 hp engine and linen roof, this is an iconically powerful convertible. The car offers space for 4 people. 

The car is in excellent condition, with normal signs of use for its age but shows little or no signs of rust. The value? It is estimated at €22,000 to €24,000.

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