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The difference between antique and vintage?

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Antique businesses are far from old-fashioned. Many people find special objects in the attic and give it a second life. The influence of changing interior design trends and personal preferences make antique pieces inexhaustible. But what exactly is antique? And is it the same as vintage? We provide answers to all these questions.

What does "antique" mean?

The Oxford Dictionary defines “antique” as:

‘A collectable object such as a piece of furniture or work of art that has a high value because of its age and quality’.


The value of an object often depends on the value that a collector or an individual places on it. This makes the meaning of antique, somewhat subjective.


According to trade standards, we only speak of an antique object when the object in question is at least 100 years old. It is therefore not illogical that more and more antique items appear on the market every year. A second condition to be able to speak of an antique object is that the product must be completely handmade. A machine is therefore not involved. This is what makes antique items so unique and rare, so they often carry a higher price tag.

So what is the difference with vintage?

Vintage is a broad term. Most experts agree that items between 50 and 100 years old may be called vintage. To speak of antique, the items must be a bit older.


Trading standards on the use of the term vintage are less strict than the standards on the use of the word antique. As with antiques, vintage should include the era or date of the item.


We often see upcycled pieces appear within vintage. By breathing new life into discarded vintage we obtain unique artistic items made by passionate artisans.

The importance of research

Unfortunately, there are merchants who are not honest about the products offered. This is often not done intentionally, but rather out of ignorance. It is difficult these days to find a place to buy genuine antique items. Fortunately, Transferantique exists for this purpose.


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