Art gallery These 4 tips will turn you into a true art connoisseur

Art is made by and for people. Therefore, each work has its own meaning because the maker has incorporated his thoughts or emotions into it. Not everyone has the same train of thought and that makes interpreting art somewhat subjective. Practice makes perfect and this is also the case when analyzing works of art. Become […]

Shipping fragile artworks How do I pack my artwork for shipping?  

Art has existed for as long as humanity has existed. The beauty of art is that it connects people all over the world. Sometimes people travel to the other side of the globe just to admire that one particular work of art. Some like to add international pieces to their own collection. If you sell […]

TransferArt | Timeless Times | How do I determine the price of my painting? How do I set the price of my painting?  

Paintings come in many shapes, sizes and styles. Artistic works are often unique and personal, which makes them very interesting to sell. Are you a (starting) artist and are you finding it difficult to put a good price on your paintings? After reading this blog post, you will know exactly what price to expect.  Standard […]

Patek Philippe supercomplication watch Which antiques and collectibles are the most expensive ever sold at auction?

In recent decades, various artists, furniture makers and even scientists have left beautiful pieces behind. Antiques come in many forms and prices. The various objects increase in value and become more sought-after. Not only for museums, but also for personal collections, as an investment or for reselling. Discover some of the most valuable collectibles ever […]