Shipping fragile artworks How do I pack my artwork for shipping?  

Art has existed for as long as humanity has existed. The beauty of art is that it connects people all over the world. Sometimes people travel to the other side of the globe just to admire that one particular work of art. Some like to add international pieces to their own collection. If you sell […]

TransferArt | Timeless Times | How do I determine the price of my painting? How do I set the price of my painting?  

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Antiek instrument The difference between antique and vintage?

Antique businesses are far from old-fashioned. Many people find special objects in the attic and give it a second life. The influence of changing interior design trends and personal preferences make antique pieces inexhaustible. But what exactly is antique? And is it the same as vintage? We provide answers to all these questions. What does […]

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TV is an ever-expanding network. The more the years go by, the more TV shows they air. Sometimes it’s complete rubbish, but when there is a new TV show for antique lovers, that’s when we need to sharpen our eyes and ears!

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To name the 3 best investment watches is a very hard task. Watches follow trends and it’s hard to say which ones will increase in value and which ones won’t. Yet, we listed our top 3.

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These 11 richest antique collectors are the perfect example that you can make a lot of money collecting, buying, and selling antiques.

Rolex Day-Date Timeless and prestigious: the exclusive Rolex and Bucherer watches

Rolex and Bucherer watches are globally associated with luxury and prestige. The watches are especially manufactured with a meticulous eye for detail. Both brands offer a wide range from classic to professional watches, for every wrist. On the antique market, you will also find many of their watches. The watches are timeless and resistant to […]